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Private Show

by Stadium Filler

Days Gone by 01:00
Questions 02:46
Lips 01:54
Give it Time 02:39
In Your Arms 03:16
Wonder Why 01:45
Yesterdays 04:41
Need 2 Know 06:13


Holo Tech New-Old-Signal Mega Provider says about this album:
This is a live recording of Stadium Filler in their prime, a very intimate performance done at a fans house, with not many people invited to it.

This album was recorded in the year 2316, at the peak of the bands live prowess, and the band, critics, and fans all consider it one of their finest recordings.

I asked all the band members to give me their opinions on the recording. I would first recommend reading the previous album write up for context.

The guitarist, Rare Pin, says about the album: =-/,>%(@$<:{"+=&#@(%>":+=&*)@#(%^#))><"{#&&^==%#$%*_?>
(In the year 2250, all existing languages were merged into one new language which is made entirely out of symbols.) Translated into the language of olde, it says: "We rocked hard as fuck but were also soft as fuck on that recording at the same time. It was a hit with both the ladies and the men." All the next ones will be automatically translated by me for convenience.

The bassist, Executive "Juice" Idol says: The producer on that one really went in with the bass sounds on that recording. He made it sound thick and chunky just the way I like it. You should hear how the unmastered versions sound in comparison. Night and day difference, I'm glad to have him on board with the production. Although, I wish he would make the tracks even louder, I can barely hear them, what with all the loud music we've been playing for years, my hearing is almost completely shot. If I wait another year I can get my ear replacements, I really can't wait much longer though!

The vocalist, P.A. "Feature" Free says: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
(they are a person of words only when it comes singing)

The drummer and synth player, Skill Master says: I think everyone really liked that performance, and I liked it too, but unfortunately my percussion recording was ruined by the producer, who I think took a bit too many brain signal transmitter drugs while recording the concert since they really got rid of a lot of the high end of my percussive sound. I'm quite the audiophile at heart, so it's hard for me to listen back to these recordings, personally, but a lot of people don't seem to be bothered by that. Apparently, they used to have this primitive genre called "vapingwaves" or something like that a long time ago which frequently did something similar, that the producer was influenced by, but every time I asked him for an example of it he said that it was all lost by the year 2280, and he was just going by memory from what he had heard in the past, so I'm not sure if such a thing really exists or if he just doesn't like me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Several Style, upload goggle provider says: I wasn't at that concert, and the band actually perfomed on that one, you know, with their actual instruments and all. Later on the relied completely on the upload goggles for the sound, but here it was all done live. Everyone was either viciously headbanging or slow dancing depending on the track being played. Many many post-post orgasms were had and brain signal transmitter drug usage was done by everybody that attended. Although one person that did so forgot to de-seed from the mega net, and unfortunately they ruined their dna and had to be skyrocketed into the new Saturn, where they now live peacefully with others like them but with 1/20th of their previous immortality capacity. Anyway, I think I was the last one that had to do a write up for the album, even though the lousy record company didn't even pay me to do it, the lousy pricks.
See you on the next album!

Stadium Filler is:

P.A. "Feature" Free: Vocals

Rare Pin: Guitar

Executive "Juice" Idol: Bass

Skill Master: Drums, Synthesizers

Several Style: Upload Goggle Provider

Holo Tech New-Old-Signal Mega Provider: Production, Concert Booking, Album Cover Image Curation, Album Write Up And Liner Notes, Unnecessary Capitalizations


released December 23, 2020

Previous Stadium Filler album available here: occasionallytapes.bandcamp.com/album/farewell-concert


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