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Farewell Concert

by Stadium Filler

On the Rise 02:12
Feel I'm... 00:29
Give that 01:10


The year is 2345, and Stadium Filler, the objectively most acclaimed rock group of all time, is about to finally give it up. They have sold over 300 billion records universe wide. They are known for their crazy concerts, which are so intense that people often have their ears fall off from the pressure, at least they are easily replaced. They have been performing their smash hits for decades and they have always given their fans what they wanted and then some, possibly too much in fact, but they are now getting too old to go on in this current universe and will soon be blasted out into a post-black hole to restart their lives in a new universe.

For their last performance they decided to go out with a performance to end all performances, with a whopping 11 tracks on their set list (most concerts in 2345 only have one track played, while the rest of the concert is spent staring at the new sun (Est. 2298) with upload goggles which is turned directly into music which the bands dance to using their automated dancing suits which are synchronized to the suns sounds)

In 2324, they they performed at the Psychic Digital Stadium and released the Universe wide number 1 hit single On The Rise, which really wasn't a full track and was really just the band repeating a cool sound they came up with and over with some effects they put on it and then changing it at the ending, (it also sounds slowed down and looped, but due to state of the art technology the band is able to perform it that way live in real time) but the fans loved it so much they instantly post-orgasmed at the first milli-second of the track. Further singles such as It Took Time cemented their reputation as the most highly respected musical artists in the entire universe.

They love doing digitally transferred brain signal transmitter drugs along with their fans after the concert is over and partying for days on end which almost killed their singer P.A. "Feature" Free (who is an amorphous gender less shape shifter who generally takes the form of a key which can be used to unlock something which has yet to be discovered (there is a 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollar reward for the person who finds out what it unlocks) While the brain signal transmitter drugs are objectively the safest of all time and have no side effects and cause euphoria so insane that they were never made illegal since in the year 2249 all drugs were permanently legalized for all eternity (except for the one which cannot be named, you know which one), P.A. Free forgot to de-seed from the mega net before doing so (literally the most amateur mistake one could make, since there are daily reminders signaled into each persons and non persons brain every hour of each day telling them not to make that mistake and it also makes you go through 20 warning screens if you attempt to do so anyway. After that happened Free wrote the track End of the Line, which has since become a concert staple, and has won the group a massive amount of rewards. After that tracks success they band got together and wrote a track called alksbackhome, which was considered a massive disappointment and has only been performed live one time and is not featured here either, sadly, I think I might be the only fan of that track in the universe. After the failure of that track they decided to only perform live.

This is their final performance and I'm super happy with how the live recording came out. Free of any crowd noise (which is to be expected of course, but also there are no millisecond signal interruptions which was pure luck) and while it's not the bands best performance it does have everything that makes their performances great in it and is not to be missed. (You are really missing out with only the audio being included, the bands visuals are insane and cause intense post-post-orgasms, sadly the visual aspect was lost in the time warp matrix when I traveled back in time to post this album on this antiquated site. For more on the group visit your brain notifier in 2345 for full information.


released October 13, 2017

Stadium Filler is:

P.A. "Feature" Free: Vocals

Rare Pin: Guitar

Executive "Juice" Idol: Bass

Skill Master: Drums, Synthesizers

Several Style: Upload Goggle Provider

Holo Tech New-Old-Signal Mega Provider: Production, Concert Booking, Album Cover, Album Write Up And Liner Notes, Unnecessary Capitalizations


all rights reserved


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